Who we are

Kenya Model United Nations (Kenya MUN) is a student run Non-Profit Organization affiliated to the United Nations Information Centre (UNIC). Our goal is to promote the ideals and principles of the United Nations among the youth – university students in particular. We seek to provide young adults with a multilateral platform to discuss various global issues that are addressed by the United Nations and its Organs. Kenya Model United Nations, runs throughout each calendar year. During such time we carry out a multitude of activities from mock debates, youth forums and a variety of community service activities. The pinnacle of the calendar year is our Main Conference, held at the United Nations Offices at Nairobi (UNON) in between the months of February and March.

What We Do

KenyaMUN strives to ensure that the committees and organs that are simulated provide an educational and comprehensive look at a diverse range of pressing issues, during our mock debates and the annual MUN conference. Our Director General’s work throughout the year up till the conference to ensure debate is as realistic as possible, in order for our delegates to get a sense of the complexities of real-world international diplomacy and politics. In addition, we aim to place an unequalled emphasis on cooperation and compromise rather than on the supremacy of any State’s  position. In this way, delegates get a chance to learn about current international affairs, discover and represent various countries’ on different agenda items.



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